A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones. Pr 14:30. One of the key gifts of God is peace beyond words, that’s the ability to walk through life’s storms without losing your peace. We have all been uniquely created by God with a plan and purpose for our life that only we can fulfil. Therefore we are all on a different walk dealing with different issues of life, so don’t let jealousy of others steal your peace, health and contentment. All that looks good on the outside may well be masking devastation on the inside. Be content with what you have and keep your eyes on God. He will sustain you and fulfil you. In Mathew it says- what is it to a man to inherit the world and lose his soul.. Eternity with God is priceless, this is your peace and your prize! Praise God today that He is our all sufficient one who will sustain us in all things as we look to Him, and not to others.

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