Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the LORD is your strength!” Neh 8:10. The joy of the Lord is your strength, don’t focus on your problems and allow your heart to be troubled, but look to God who is able to do abundantly above what you can imagine. Whether your facing difficulties at work, home in finances, relationships or health, God is able. Look to Him and rejoice in Him, when you praise Him in the midst of your trials, heaven will move. God responds to heartfelt faith. Keep hold of Lord’s hand and He will lead you through. As you reflect on what on your Heavenly Father can do for His beloved child, you, let your spirit rejoice, let His joy fill your heart and strengthen you to the point where you just have to praise Him as you realise that He is always there for you. Praise Him today that the joy of the Lord is your strength no matter what you are going through or for whatever you need today.
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