For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. Pr23:7a. The key to any breakthrough is how we position ourselves. If we say “we can’t”, “we won’t”. As we raise objections, we only create obstacles that stop us from stepping out. The fastest cure for doubt is action. Once you start, things will become clearer. As you step out with God, you will see His supernatural favour move in your life. Your are designed for victory with God, not without Him. With God you can take the big steps as you know He is with you. This doesn’t mean you won’t feel some anxiousness, as stepping into something new and the unknown will always take you out of your comfort zone into the God zone. Its here where our faith and action meets God’s guidance and breakthrough. Praise God today that as we position ourselves with a responsive can do attitude to whatever God speaks into our heart, we will rise up to see His Kingdom come in our life.

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