The disciple Jesus loved was sitting next to Jesus at the table. Jn 13:23. Jesus loved all His disciples yet John was the one who reclined at the last supper with his head on Jesus chest whilst the others just watched. When you read the book of John, there’s such a depth of love and revelation of God’s love for humanity that John would have gained through spending more time with Jesus. Jesus revealed wonderful truths about His relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit that we only read about in John. It’s obvious that John desired to spend more time with Jesus. When we decide to do the same, it will be a turning point in our life. Thank Jesus today that as we spend more time with Him, set time aside to come into His presence and meditate on His Word, He will reveal deep truths to our heart and guide our steps to bring us into a place of greater revelation and freedom than we’ve ever known before.

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