The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth. Ps 97:5. What seems so big to us is minuscule to God. A blade of grass is a skyscraper to an ant, yet we can pluck the blade of grass with our fingers. So the impossibilities of life to us are all possible for God. We just need to believe that all things are possible and not allow our limited thinking to restrict what God can do in our life. God who created all things can change our circumstances. He can move the mountains in our life and create new paths where they didn’t exist before. We must trust Him and spend time with Him, seeking His guidance, and be willing to respond and do things differently, even though we can’t see what God sees, and He will direct our path and lead us into victory. Praise God today that there is nothing that He can’t do as we trust Him, walk by faith and follow His promptings.

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