So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. Rom 8:1. Jesus’ love for you is total. It’s not conditional, not dependant on your past it’s unconditional love beyond words. When we  invite Jesus into our heart, He wipes the slate clean, He doesn’t point the finger at our past, but releases us from any hold it may have over our life. However at times God may prompt us to make things right with someone else, that’s part of His bigger picture. God gave us His Holy Spirit to be our strength to assist us resist areas of struggle in our life. When we do mess up, we must come back to the throne of grace where Jesus won’t condemn us, but embrace us and strengthen us so that we can keep walking into the fulfilment of the plans He has for our life. Thank Jesus today that in Him there is no condemnation, but a life of liberty and freedom as we keep close to Him and love Him with all our heart.

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