Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates close friends. PR17:9. There is power in forgiveness. It was God’s forgiveness of our sins through Jesus that we have been reconciled to the Father, with no recollection of our past sins. The slate was wiped clean. When we overlook a fault and choose not to bring it up again, we allow love to rule in our lives and powerfully touch those around us. When we forgive others we no longer harbour the hurt of the offence that can keep us bound, sometimes even for a life time. As we forgive others as God forgave us, we reveal God’s love to others that can significantly impact their lives too. Thank God today for His forgiveness that has set us free. Ask God to search your heart for anyone you need to forgive and to help you to forgive where you maybe struggling. Once you forgive, don’t raise the matter again and risk hurting the relationship.

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