Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can break bones. Pr 25:15. There’s power in not only your words but how you release them. The right words given with the right spirit can change the hearts of others. It can encourage others to step into their destiny or achieve what may seem impossible. Our words reveal our heart. Words given in anger or in reprisal can often do more damage than good as people can respond to the way in which its given rather than the message. There’s certainly times for anger, but not with uncontrolled emotion, but  rather spoken from a heart of genuine concern. Sometimes its wise to pause or count to 3 rather than responding emotionally from the hip and never make an irrevocable decision in anger. Praise God today that He gave us His Word that still has the same power and authority as it did on the day it was written to guide our words to see His best released in our life.

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