Do to others as you would like them to do to you. Lk6:31. Follow this key and your life will be so much more fulfilled and full of God’s peace. Sometimes we need to look and try to see things from the other side. It’s not easy, but it may help balance your reactions. When we react and respond as we would like others to do towards us, we show moderation and respect for others, that does not necessarily have to mean agreement. As we reveal God’s love in the way we deal with others, we can diffuse volatile situations, open up channels of communication that otherwise may not be possible, and show fairness in all our dealings from home to work. God’s peace will reign in our life, if we walk this way, and choose to deal with others as we wish to be treated. Praise God today that His ways are best, and as we follow our heart and not our head in dealing with others, our relationships and our life will be blessed.

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