Keep the commandments and keep your life; despising them leads to death. Pr19:16. If you ask the minister for transport why does he allow people to die on the roads, he will tell you that that is not his desire, he has put rules in place to protect people, and when people break those rules accidents happen, and people die. God sent Jesus to show us the way and He has also given us His Word,the Bible, as our roadmap for life, so that we can live an abundant and fulfilled life that will last forever. God’s Word is life and our protection. It will protect us from the devil who desires to steal our life, and as we choose to walk in God’s ways and keep close to Him, we can step into the incredible plans and destiny He has for our life. Praise God today that His Word is life and as we place our faith in Jesus and walk in His ways, we’ll live a wonderful and fulfilled life that will last forever.

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