Don’t long for “the good old days.” This is not wise. Eccl7:10. No one  looks back to the starting line when they’re running a race so nor should you. We are all running our own race with the hope of eternal joy with our creator at the end. It’s our own race, life’s marathon, so we must always look forward so we don’t veer off track. Don’t look at how others are going, as it may cause a diversion. God is already in your future so your past can’t not dictate your future. As you look ahead and look to God, He will make a way and guide you through. Don’t look back with regret to better days or what could have been, but look to where you are now, and how you can make the best of every moment as you live it. God is with you so trust Him! Praise God today that He only desires the very best for your life and as you trust Him and look to Him, He will guide you through every rocky bump or turn that life may bring.

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