But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer Lk 5:16. If Jesus felt the need to pray often, then how much more must we!! Prayer is key to our relationship and communication with God. As we pray God will move on our behalf, but not always in a way that we expect, or in our timing. We are keen on the destination whilst God is interested in the journey. We look at results whilst God is focussed on the process. Sometimes answers to our prayers require change in us to prepare us for the outcome or for how God intends to use our situation. Our trust in His timing and faithfulness will be our strength and peace. If God is truly Lord of our life, we will keep our eyes on Him and not on our issues. Praise God today that His way is always the best way, so as we keep praying and praising Him for the outcome, He will be our strength and peace until we see God’s answers manifest in our life.

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