You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate. Lk6:36. There are so many hurting people today,many putting on a brave face whilst struggling through life. Being sensitive and kind towards others is like a breathe of fresh air to many. People tend to remember those encounters where someone has spent time to make a difference to their life or even to their day. Jesus had time for whoever asked Him. Even in a great crowd He stopped for a blind man who called out to Him. Let Jesus radiate from your life even through a few kind words to others you meet, to shop attendants, the postman or even the local street cleaner. Your brief encounter with someone says- you’re worth it! Jesus loves everyone and if we are to walk in the masters footsteps,so must we. Praise God today that as we show compassion towards those we meet,we’ll see an increase of God’s love overflowing in our life.

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