You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate. Lk 6:36. God doesn’t deal with us as we deserve. He is merciful and kind, responsive and tender. He is waiting to embrace us when everything seems to fall apart, and desires so much to help us to become the incredible, blessed and fulfilled people that He created us to be. As He fills us with His love, compassion and mercy, He desires that we show compassion to others too. We should be ready to forgive and allow love to cover a multitude of sins, that will also see love abound in our life. As you start to live your life this way a new richness of joy will flow into your life, a lasting peace will fill your heart as you are ready to forgive rather than to blame and ready to overlook offences rather than bite back. Praise God today His love towards us endures forever, and as we show compassion towards others, we will also be shown compassion.

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