Revive us again, O God! I know you will! Give us a fresh start! Then all your people will taste your joy and gladness. Ps 85:6 TPT. God’s hearts desire is that we live in fulfilment of the plans and resurrection life He has for us. Yet ever so slowly, we somehow allow life to slowly crowd Jesus out, so that worry, stress and all the other cares of the world have a greater influence in our life than His peace and joy. It’s time to turn back and press into God, and allow Him to renew our passion for more of Him that will fill us with fresh hope, joy and peace. As we start to rejoice in Him in the midst of our trials, He will be our strength. As we trust Him, we will learn to be content in both the good and bad times so that His joy will always fill our heart. Praise God today that as we keep pressing into Him, He will revive us with fresh passion for more of Him in every part of our life.

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