The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD. Pr21:31. This is all about positioning ourselves for breakthrough. If you really want to see God move in your life you need to do your part. Faith without works is dead. Faith doesn’t work from a sofa, you need to step out if you really want something so that God can take your best and make it better. If you really want to break free from something holding you back, you must be fully determined and not half hearted and the Lord will give you the strength and resilience to break free. We must prepare ourselves for battle,to step out, and as we keep our eyes on God and trust Him,He will lead us into victory. God and you are a majority in all things. Praise God today that He desires to bless us and  lead us into a fulfilled life. As we step out and trust Him we will experience the joy of seeing Him move wonderfully in our life.

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