And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world and lose your
soul. Mark8:36.

Can you put a price on eternity with God? The world and
everything in it can not buy what Jesus did for each and everyone at
the cross. Yet people pursue riches, fame and other ambitions and
forsake God not realising the eternal consequences. Maybe it starts
off with God as a close 2nd or important priority but before long the
concerns for achieving what the heart desires most will see God slowly
fade into the background and eventually disappear from the lives of
many. There is so much to lose for such little short term gain. Jesus
must always be our first priority Mat 6:33 As we seek Him first He
will direct our paths and His blessings will follow as that is His
Word – and God can not lie. If you trust God with your whole heart and
place Him first you will achieve far more with your life than you ever
thought possible. Repent today of wrong priorities and make time for
God each day. Speak to Him and let Him know how you feel. Treat Him as
a close friend and wait for Him to respond. It is 2 way communication.
He loves you and desires to spend time with you….far more than you
with Him.

May you love Him more today.

God Bless


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