Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 2Tim 3:12. When you choose to go against the flow or tide of opinion, people don’t like it. They are happy with what they know and think that you should be too. However our challenge is to convey to others the peace of God that is always there as evidence of our eternal inheritance in Him and His unconditional love for us regardless of our past. The most important decision anyone can make, is whether they accept Jesus and His gift of eternal life. Whilst some may criticise your words, they can’t argue with your walk. When they see how you reach out to others with the love of Jesus and walk in God’s peace in the midst of life’s storms, they will see the reality of God through you. When you walk the talk, sharing becomes much easier. Thank Jesus for the cross today that through Him we have an eternal future and hope.

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