The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heavens armies will make this happen 2 KI 19:31b. This was the concluding prophetic words to King Hezekiah from the prophet Isaiah concerning the deliverance of Jerusalem against the blasphemous King of Assyria and his servants who were ridiculing the Lords ability to defend Jerusalem against his great might. When we share our faith and proclaim the good news we are backed by Heavens armies to defend our Lord God against the spiritual hordes of hell that seeks to snatch the souls of the lost from being found. When we speak words of release Angelic hosts sever the chains that held people bound. When we speak healing the heavens supernatural forces intervenes in the natural to provide restoration. The key is that we must speak. We are like Gods commanders on earth that release and are fully supported by the passionate commitment of the Lord and His armies to save the lost. We are backed by heaven so what can man do to us, fear is the devils last attempt to hold you back from releasing the unbeatable love of the Gods kingdom to heal and save the lost.

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