“Roll the stone aside,” Jesus told them. Jn 11:39. You need to position yourself to receive your miracle. The stone was rolled away so Jesus could raise Lazarus from the dead. We also need to roll the stone away from our problems and position ourselves with praise. You must take your eyes off your problems and keep them on Jesus. Looking at your problems creates doubt and anxiety that will take your eyes off what God might be saying or trying to do in your life. Praise positions your heart for victory and places your confidence in God that creates an expectancy that makes a call on Heaven to move on your behalf. Never give up, keep praising and thanking God daily for what He’s done in your life and for what He will do. As you do this, your confidence will grow as God fills your heart with new hope. Praise God today that He is a miracle working God who never changes and will never fail you or let you down.

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