I am the Gateway. To enter through me is to experience life, freedom, and satisfaction. A thief has only one thing in mind-he wants to steal, slaughter,and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect-life in its fullness until you overflow! Jn 10:9-10 TPT.  Jesus is concerned with every part of our life. When we accept Jesus into our heart He not only gives us eternal life but spiritual and emotional healing, He starts to realign our identity with How He sees us an not what others think. He desires wholeness in every part of our being as we trust Him and walk with Him. He protects us from our spiritual adversary who comes to steal and to take the best of our life. He is our protector and will turn around what the enemy has meant for harm to good. Praise God today that the best of our life is yet to come as we trust Him and put our hope in Him.

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