We have seen God do many amazing things almost every week. God wants to touch the lives of others more than we do. Sometimes we see people give their hearts to Jesus, other times we see their current faith strengthened or in the least have sown seeds into their heart for them to begin a spiritual journey that we pray will lead them to experience the unconditional love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our primary aim is to allow God to meet their needs, or to speak a word of encouragement or prophetic word into their lives. Our desire is that no one should leave the chair without having an encounter with God.

Below are some of the stories from the chair:


Jane sat down in the chair with bandages on her legs. She was in much pain after recent surgery and was struggling to walk. We prayed that God would take away her pain and heal her. Suddenly the expression on her face changed, she jumped up and said the pain was gone. She was absolutely amazed how God could touch her and heal her in an instant.


Gemma sat down in the chair and indicated she was suffering from continual anxiety and couldn’t sleep. I started to pray for her and saw a image of a heart with many pin pricks. I said to Gemma, had she been hurt by people, at which point she started to rattle off one name after another of different people and what they had done to here. She had an incredible recollection of offences that people had committed whether they were aware of them or not. I felt strongly in my spirit that she had to forgive them. I spoke to Gemma about the power of forgiveness and how it would release her from the hold that she had allowed those offences to have on her life. She said she would be willing to forgive them, so I asked her to forgive each person out aloud. So there we were, sitting in a public square for the next ten minutes as Gemma forgave name after name and offence after offence, tears were flowing as God was healing her heart. The last person she asked to forgive was her mother, but I asked her also to forgive herself for being so hard on herself. We prayed some more, and the heaviness around Gemma had lifted. Her whole demeanour was different, she left the chair with a spring in her step that is more often than not what happens at the Prayer Chair.


We set up the Prayer Chair at a conference in London in Leicester square where saw God do some incredible things. Bill sat down and said that he had been in 5 years continual pain and that even though he was on the highest amount of pain killers the doctors would allow him the pain was barely tolerable. We spoke about God’s healing and that its not always instantaneous, but we believed that God do an incredible work in his body and that he would would wake up tomorrow feeling totally different. We prayed for Bill and he left the chair. Next year we had a return invitation to to the same conference and Bill had had come back and sought us out. He said , the next morning he woke up and for the firs time in 5 years he was totally pain free and there had been no recurrence since. He wanted to know more about Jesus the healer, so we shared with Bill and prayed for Him to be filled with Holy Spirit and the importance of fellowship in a local church to strengthen His faith and His walk with Jesus.


In London we had a doctor sit down in the chair. She was telling us how she could believe that God could save her soul but could believe that he could heal. She had a bad back and was concerned it would effect her practice as she was sitting all day and he condition was getting to the point where was considering extended leave. We said that even though she didn’t believe that God could heal, we did. We had faith to believe that God could heal her. We are are merely the messengers delivering God’s package. We do nothing but merely turn up and pray. We prayed with her and indicated that when she got up next morning she would notice a significant change. A year later on the same day as Bill in the previous story, we met the doctor who indicated that God had healed her back and she had no recurrence of pain. She was so grateful that God had healed her and had revealed his healing grace to her.


In October Ben who was in his sixties came over to the prayer chair very slowly with his walking stick. He rolled up his trouser legs to his knees to reveal very purple looking legs from his diabetes condition. We prayed that God would heal him. We try not to look at the severity of the condition but to focus on what God can do that is way beyond what we think is possible. We prayed with Ben that God would work a healing miracle in his body. Two weeks later Ben came back to us and sat down, he was very excited, as before he rolled up his trouser legs to knees, but this time instead of purple we saw that the top third section of his leg below the knee had returned to normal skin colour while the bottom 2 thirds was a lighter pink colour. It was a significant improvement. Ben said he had been for a hospital checkup a few days beforehand and the doctors quizzed him on what he had done to affect such an improvement in his legs, to which he replied I was prayed for at the Prayer Chair in Brighton and God had touched my legs. The doctors retorted “you don’t believe in that mumbo jumbo” to which he replied ” that mumbo jumbo has significantly healed me”. God is so good!!

….. more stories from the chair on God’ wonderful grace to follow soon……


Gladys was very fragile and assisted by a friend into the prayerchair. Gladys was going into hospital in the following week for the removal of primary cancer and an exploration to determine to what extent secondary cancer has started to spread through her body. We prayed for her total healing and really sensed the presence of God just touch her. Three weeks later she back very excited. She said the surgeons removed all of the primary cancer and could find no sign of secondary cancer and that she was now cancer free. Praise God!! We see Gladys from time to time, full of life, who comes past to receive a blessing and who now acknowledges Jesus as Lord.

….. more stories from the chair on God’ wonderful grace to follow soon……

There are stories like this waiting to happen and be told in every city, town or village, All God wants you to do is to turn up and He will do the rest…. why don’t you consider setting up a Prayerchaitr wherever you are, contact us and we will help you…


  1. Rita McDonald Reply July 18, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    Today my 13yo son and I encountered the prayer chair in Brighton. We are Christians and felt the Holy Spirit fall upon us very heavily. We didn’t say anything about our situation and just let the Spirit speak through his servants. The words of prophecy and confirmation were totally on the ball for what has been happening in our lives. One word was that on Monday I would start to have an income again. Two hours later I was offered a day’s work on a television programme with a promise of more to come. God is good!

  2. Rita McDonald Reply August 1, 2015 at 7:02 am

    As a further follow up to the promise that God would release finances into my life from the Monday, on the Tuesday my agent rang to say I’d been cast in an extremely high budget TV series…. praise God!

    • admin Reply August 2, 2015 at 8:45 pm

      God is so good! that is so exciting.

  3. Rita McDonald Reply October 22, 2015 at 7:27 am

    Further followup… the work has continued to come in at a steady pace and I am currently working as an actress 70-80 hours a week….

    • admin Reply October 22, 2015 at 12:20 pm

      God is so good, He knows our every need.

  4. Rita McDonald Reply November 18, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    Just been signed up by a top London agent out of the blue! I am so overwhelmed by God’s love.

  5. w Reply December 6, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    had a very difficult meeting on a Saturday. ran into ‘prayer chair’ and was prayed for. that meant everything.

  6. Rita O'Brien (was McDonald) Reply October 6, 2017 at 6:51 am

    Admin, when you met me in Brighton with my son, I was a sad woman struggling with a divorce, financial worries and an uncertain future. I recently married a wonderful, loving man, am working regularly as an actress and presenter and could not be happier. My son has grown from the tiny fearful boy into a confident Spirit filled 16 year old, strong, popular and God centred. He walked me down the aisle and gave me away. I couldn’t have been prouder. My relationship with my ex husband is now positive and happy. Praise God for changing our lives.

    • admin Reply October 10, 2017 at 7:12 pm

      God is so good. We give Him all the glory for all the amazing things He is doing in your family’s life and for what He will continue to do in the future.

  7. Joanna Gardner Reply April 13, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Thank you for an unexpected blessing! My husband had to withdraw from the marathon, not being fit enough to run after a difficult winter health wise. But the hotel was already booked and paid for so we came for the weekend anyway, asking God to help us to find much needed rest and relaxation in a city we wouldn’t have chosen for a restful break! Just as we were dashing back to our hotel having got wet and cold in the rain, we were asked if we wanted a blessing, and we did! A very literal answer to prayer and we feel greatly refreshed and encouraged by your prayers! God bless you and the people you reach out to!

  8. Henrietta Reply November 14, 2020 at 9:45 am

    It has been on my heart to share this for a while
    I have met the team and Billy in 2017 for the first time when they were in London. I sat down on one of the chairs and the prophetic words that were spoken over my life in term is my carrier I never thought would happen. I was working in science and medical information at a pharma company and in 2019 i had the opportunity to transition to an audit function which meant that I was on a completely higher level of the organisation and using more strategic ways. There were other areas that Billy spoke over my life which since then completely changed. In terms of my communication and boldness to speak up and be myself have been just a few obvious ones that came out of that session.
    In 2019 I went back to the same event and wanted to tell Billy about the words he prophesied and how that changed my Life
    But before sharing I got prayed over and prophetic words again
    This time again some really significant transitions were spoken one was about learning languages
    And the other about setting up a business
    Both of these have been something that is in the process of happening. I am ever so grateful for your service and if there was any way I could get in touch with Billy to thank him personally I would really appreciate that

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