Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Ps 37:4. As you make God the utmost delight and pleasure in your life, your relationship with our Heavenly Father will deepen to a new place of mutual joy, where as you delight in Him, He will delight in you. As you pour out your love for Him, He will fill you with His love and His presence. It will be His joy to bless you and to give you your hearts desires, as it will be your pleasure to bless God in how you live and love others. Your love will overflow with the love of Jesus welling up and overflowing from deep within.  When we can truly delight in God in our life, we will start to see things His way and not the world’s way to find true contentment, regardless of what’s going on in our life. Worship and love God today for desiring the very best for your life as you delight in Him and love Him with all your heart.

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