Jesus gives freedom to all who seek Him

Later, Levi invited Jesus and his disciples to his home as dinner guests, along with many tax collectors and other disreputable sinners. (There were many people of this kind among Jesus’ followers.) Mk 2:15. Jesus is real. Many of His followers had become involved in a lifestyle that may have offered temporary relief for one […]

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Jesus is willing, bring your prayers to Him today

A man with leprosy came and knelt in front of Jesus, begging to be healed. “If you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean,” he said. Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched him. “I am willing,” he said. “Be healed! Instantly the leprosy disappeared, and the man was healed. Mk1:40-42. […]

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Who can compare to God?

With every bone in my body I will praise him: “Lord, who can compare with you?Ps 35:10. Who can compare to our living God! He’s not a trendy God concept that makes fashionable conversation, but the only living God who changes lives, who is to be experienced. When you invite Jesus into your heart, by […]

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The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. Ps 34:19. We live in a fallen world where bad things happen to good people. Yet we have an advocate, our Lord God who goes before us and will make a way. We can not understand why some things happen, […]

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God will take away your fears

I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Ps 34:4. Fear is the absence of faith. We are not to be like those without hope but to put our trust in God. We must realise that His ways are above our ways, instead of trying to understand […]

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God is to be experienced

O taste and see that the Lord [our God] is good; How blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who takes refuge in Him. Ps 34:8. AMP. God is to be experienced, He is not a concept to be discussed and agreed upon, but a living relational God who knows you by […]

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God’s ways will bring joy into your life

And so, my children,listen to me, for all who follow my ways are joyful. Pr 8:32. If it is true that you look favorably on me, let me know your ways so I may understand you more fully and continue to enjoy your favor. Ex 33:13. When we choose to walk in God’s ways there […]

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God’s gifts are better than anything the world can give

My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver! Prov 8:19. The best things in life are not things. Whilst it’s nice to have new things the pleasure doesn’t last long and soon it will be taken for granted. Material things do not bring lasting happiness or joy. […]

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