A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Pr 15:1. Our ability to respond out of wisdom, grace or mercy rather than an emotional reaction can avert a situation blowing out of proportion. The reality is we can’t control what’s happened and sometimes it can’t be undone, so an angry unmeasured response will not improve but only worsen a situation. I remember soon after I was married I broke a good plate and the fallout was not good, 30 years later I did it again, but this time the response was totally different being supportive, recognising how I felt that defused the whole situation through grace. Sometimes we need to step into the others shoes, whilst other times we need to allow wisdom to choose our words with a right heart. Praise God today that as we allow grace, mercy and wisdom to guide our responses, we can defuse the volatility and pain that anger can create.

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