As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Pr27:17. We were not created to be alone. We were created for relationships with each other and with God. As we spend time with good friends they can be a wonderful source of encouragement, accountability and someone to share ideas with, to think them through, to help crystalise our thoughts. God’s given us good friends so that we can be there for each other. If your friends keep bringing you down, they’re not good friends, and it’s time to find friends who will encourage you and build you up. As we share with each other we will see things we may not have seen before, sometimes just verbalising something out aloud can give you clarity around your thoughts. Always pray about major decisions as God’s guidance will always ensure you put your best foot forward. Praise God today for good friends who are there for us as we are there for them.

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