And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ. 1Cor 11:1. To draw nearer to God we must be imitators of Jesus, we must allow His Word to permeate our being so that we start to think- What would Jesus do? or How would Jesus respond when dealing with a situation. As we allow His Word to direct our life,our attitudes, and the way that we think, His peace and direction will become more apparent in our life. As we desire to be more like Jesus,we will become more acutely aware of the Holy Spirit’s guidance in every part of our life. Your walk will also become a powerful witness to what God’s doing in your life and draw others who see how God’s hand is working in you and through you. Praise God today that as we desire to be more like Jesus, our life will be changed from the inside out. He will begin to change our attitudes and the way we think that will lead to greater fulfilment in every part of our life.

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