Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed. Pr 16:3. When you consciously involve God in carrying out your plans He will guide you to success. When you plan ahead for this year, pray about your plans and especially about the actions you intend to take, as how you do something can be more important than what you do. Your character must honour God in both actions and words to release the fullness of His blessings in your life. If something is not quite right, or wilfully takes advantage of others for your own personal gain, how can God bless it. Pray about your actions, check your motives and ensure everything you do this year is with a right heart and then God will bless it. Praise God today that He has created us to be the head and not the tail and as we seek His guidance in all that we do, and honour Him in our actions and words, we will have a blessed and fulfilled life.

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