People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness. Pr 14:29. Don’t let offences trap you. Offences of foolish words, words spoken without thought, or points you just disagree with can trap you and steal your peace. Don’t allow them to stick or to ignite your anger. Deal with them quickly, the longer you allow them to fester the more difficult they will be to deal with. Allow God’s wisdom to guide your responses and the quality of your life will be so much better. If something needs to be dealt with, do it once your anger has subsided with words of understanding, but don’t allow uncontrolled anger  to create a problem that could have been avoided. Praise God today for Jesus who is our Prince of peace. As we allow Him to reign in our, heart let compassion and understanding be your response. Refuse uncontrolled anger room in your life to rob your peace.

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