So we see that because of their unbelief they were not able to enter his rest. Heb 3:19. Don’t let your unbelief rob you of your rest in God. Unbelief brings us into conflict with God when we doubt His Word or ability to move in our situation. When we trust and believe God we can rest knowing that God will move even though we are still waiting. God can move in any situation and it will only take Him just one moment, just one touch of His glory and we are changed, healed, needs met or delivered. It’s in our surrender to His timing that our faithfulness is tested and we draw nearer to Him. When we allow His timing to become our timing, anxiety is replaced by expectation, fear with hope and stress with peace. Thank Him daily for the breakthrough as it will keep your eyes on Him and strengthen your heart until it comes to pass. Keep praising and rejoicing in Him as your victor is about to move on your behalf.

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