Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. Jm4:2b. We must bring our requests before God. He knows what we need but its the earnestness of our prayer that activates Gods power to move in our situation. God desires so much to bless you, so be specific in your prayers that will give God more opportunities to reveal His glory in your life. Dont worry about situations, just keep praying. The closer you keep to God, the better your life will be. Anxiety edges God out of the situation, it denies what God can do for you. Pray about every area of concern, about work, family, whatever it is. If God can move in the major areas of your life, He can also move in the smaller ones too. If it concerns you, it concerns God. Praise God today that He is a prayer answering God and that God has given us prayer as a way to communicate with Him. As you pray, trust Him in faith as the answer is on its way.

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