“I’m in a desperate situation!” David replied to Gad. “But let me fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is very great. Do not let me fall into human hands.”1 CHR 21:13. When David was in a difficult place, He chose to fall into the hands of God rather than man. God is pure love, merciful and just, without fault. When you’re in that place where there seems to be no way, come before God and ask for His wisdom and forgiveness, if necessary, and He will guide you through your dark place into the light. Don’t compound situations by making hasty or rash decisions that can create life long regret or further problems. There is no situation that God can’t guide you through. He knows all things from the beginning to the end, so the safest and wisest option is to trust Him with an open heart, and to let Him walk with you. Thank God that He doesn’t judge us when we come to Him but loves us and desires to set us free.

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