Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1Pet 5:7. In these days where good news is scarce we need to draw more closer to God than ever before. God’s love for us knows no bounds and its His desire to do so much more in our life if we let Him. He desires to be our peace and our comfort. As we make a decision to trust Him we release our faith into the supernatural realm of God who will move on our behalf to see it come to pass in the natural. So give your worries to God for He cares for you. Worry will drain you, so just give your concerns to Him and stop thinking about them. Every time your mind drifts back, thank God that He’s dealing with your worry and He is making a way. As you keep doing this His peace will fill your heart. Praise God today that He desires to carry our concerns for us so that we can live in His peace and see His wonderful hand move on our behalf.

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