Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. Jer 33:3. Our personal relationship with God is all that matters. There is a place of intimacy you can reach when you draw near to the heart of Father God. In that place you will sense an intensity of His presence that just radiates His unconditional love for you. Its in that place where you can become lost in worship as you express your love for Him and God continues to pour out more of His grace into every area of your life. Its a place where you can touch His heart and God can speak greater revelations into your life. You can find Him if you spend time with Him. He is closer than the air you breathe and desires passionately to spend ime with you. Thank God that He desires a heart to heart relationship with you that knows no bounds. He will never leave you and is always there for you. Press in to Him and find Him today.

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