“Why can’t you decide for yourselves what is right? When you are on the way to court with your accuser, try to settle the matter before you get there. Otherwise, your accuser may drag you before the judge, who will hand you over to an officer, who will throw you into prison Lk12:57-58. Don’t wait for others to make decisions for you that you may not like when its in your power to step in and do something. God desires you to take the first step, especially if you’re the one whose been offended. You need to allow God’s wisdom to bring healing and restoration before bitterness and hardness of heart takes root. Your words have the power of life and death, be brave and prayerful and God will grant you favour as you step out and trust Him. Praise God today that He is the God of restoration and there is no better outcome possible than when we take action and trust God to move in our situation.

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