Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house. PR 24:27. We need to take financial responsibility for our actions. We must ensure that we budget and understand  when and where our income will come from before we go out and spend it. We also need to understand what our costs are and when they are due so that we understand what surplus we have after we have paid our bills. God desires to bless us, and He will trust us with more when He knows He can trust us with little. God will guide our decisions when we bring our plans before Him and allow His perfect peace to direct our actions, but God does require us to use wisdom in our personal and business finances. In this way, when we do hit tough times, God will be there to guide us as we keep close to Him. Praise God today that He is our provider and that as we commit our plans, job decisions etc to Him, He will always guide us through.

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