Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed! Ps 85:10. God’s love is true love that will never fail you. Human love will at times let you down, but God’s love is always there to sustain you and to guide you in the ways of peace. True love means being honest with each other, that’s truthful in a loving and caring way that looks to encourage and build up rather than to criticise or tear down. When we walk with a right heart in God’s ways,our life will be filled with His peace and His presence. In this way our conscience will not torment us with any unresolved hidden dark places in our life that are yet to be dealt with. When we choose to bring those hidden areas before God, His love and forgiveness will restore our peace. Praise God today that as we walk in His ways and allow the love of Jesus to fill our heart, His perfect peace will always be with us.

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