Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Jer1:5a. You were born for more! When God created you in His own image He created a masterpiece, with gifts, talents and a plan for a God filled amazing life. God never creates failures,so no matter where you are in life you have the choice to accept Jesus into your heart and to step into His plans for your life. Seek His will and follow His guidance. Half of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world were never university educated,so don’t limit yourself by what you do or don’t have. Success starts with a seed, with a step of faith, courage and persistence, to keeping trusting God and getting up when you fall down, just like a toddler that refuses to let a fall stop them from getting back up. Praise God today that you’ve been wonderfully created in His image with a plan and a purpose for an amazing life as you trust Him and walk in His ways.

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