For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Eccl 3:1. Everything in life comes in seasons, we go to school, start working, raise children and get involved in other activities along the way. We should learn to be satisfied wherever we are and walk closely with God who will guide our steps into the next phase of our life He has for us. Don’t be anxious or fret that things aren’t happening as quickly as you would like. Smiths Wiggwlesworth who had one of the most powerful ministries ever documented, worked all his life as a plumber and started his ministry at 55 when he retired. Trust God and wait patiently on Him. Sometimes the road on which  lessons are learnt can be difficult but necessary for the next phase of our life that God has for us. Praise God today that He orders our steps so that we can move through the seasons of life retaining His peace no matter where we are.

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