We know, dear brothers and sisters, that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people.1 Thes 1:4. God chose you, you didn’t choose Him. You are so precious to God. Don’t allow what you have or what others have determine your value, that’s your net worth and not your self worth. Your self worth is set by God, its not defined by what you or anyone else has done. Its defined by what Jesus did at the cross. He died for you so, you could be reconciled back to God. He paid the highest price for you, His life, so don’t let the opinions of others effect the way you look at yourself. Everyone has some issues or insecurities and sadly hurting people, hurt people. God has made you unique, He’s given you gifts and talents and He chose you,and rejoices over you. Praise God today that you’re loved beyond measure and that its what God thinks of you that matters and not man, so rest in His love and live in His peace.

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