The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD. Pr21:31.  God will move when we are ready. His timing is always perfect. As we step out in faith and trust Him, God will go with us. We must position ourselves to see God’s best in our life. The greater the leaps of faith we take, the greater the things in God we’ll see. If there’s something God’s put on your heart, work towards it, do the best you can and when you’re ready and in position, like the horse that’s prepared ready for battle, God will give you the victory! God can do incredible things in your life if you’ll step out and trust Him. If God has called you to be a musician, practice to become the best you can, then suddenly a door will open that you may not have expected. Praise God today that His ways and His timing is perfect, and as we trust Him and follow His leading, we’ll see victory in every area of our life.

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