Jesus replied, “The Scriptures say.”…Lk 4:8a. Each time the devil tempted Jesus in the desert He rebuked the devil with the written Word of God. Lk4:4,8,12. When Jesus had won the victory He was filled with Holy Spirit power. Lk4:14. We must stand firm in the face of trial with our shield up and the sword of the spirit out in front. We must be vigilant in our faith and stand firm when difficult situations come against us. We must constantly stand on Gods word until we break through. With each victory you will become stronger in your faith and your ability to resist the attacks of the enemy. We must not forgot about our spiritual adversary who does not forget about us. Praise Jesus today that in His name we have the victory. Rejoice in Him and thank Him for the breakthrough. Even though you may not see it in the natural yet, as you believe it and see it in the Spirit, keep praising Him, for it will come

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