Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear. Mat 24:35. God’s words are forever. They are immutable and unchanging.  As you commit verses to memory and allow them to permeate deep into your heart, they will become a part of your very fabric. God’s word will direct your paths and your thoughts so that what concerns God will concern you and what pleases God will bring joy to your heart. God’s Word is our cornerstone, Jesus is the Word and He is our cornerstone. We must spend time in the Word and with Jesus each day. As we mediate and reflect on God’s Word He will give us greater revelation and insight. As we walk with God and become familiar with His Word, God will also use scripture to strengthen,, encourage and guide us. Praise God today, that His word is the rock on which we stand and the same Word that millions of others Have also stood over the last 2000 years

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