Guard your heart above all else,for it determines the course of your life. Prov 4:23. The state of your heart will determine the state of your life. If you allow resentment to take hold, it will keep your life locked into pains of the past that will rob your joy. If you allow bitterness into your heart it will eat at you continually until it destroys your relationships and your health. Be quick to forgive and keep a compassionate and loving heart towards others. You will then experience the true joy and happiness that God always intended for your life. Do not allow hurts to take root, deal with them quickly and let love be your motivation always. Praise God today that Jesus has shown us the way to forgive others as He forgave us. Thank God that because He loved us first we can love others too. Ask God to help you with anything you need to resolve that’s holding you back from the joy God has for your life.

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