Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear. Mk 13:31. The Word underpins our faith. No matter what happens, the universe can pass away but God’s word can never be shaken, changed or rendered ineffective. It’s the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. The same word was changing lives, healing them, setting them free and saving them 2000 years ago just as it is today. The Word is powerful. When we stand on a specific promise for our life we are releasing the supernatural power of God into our natural circumstances to bring heaven to earth in our life. God’s Word is multi dimensional, its milk to a new believer and solid food to a mature Christian. It will become alive and active as we appropriate it to our life. Spend time in the Word each day, it will change you, fill you with hope and draw you nearer to God. Praise God for His Word today that is always alive and active in our life.

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