Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything. Pr13:3. We often don’t realise the power we have in our words, we’ve had the gift of speech since we can remember and take it for granted. Yet your words can cut deeply into someone’s heart, it’s surprising how many people carry scars from the past. You can lose favour with others because of what someone may have overheard,or because of a fallout or silly argument that may effect the attitude of others towards you long after it’s over. The converse is also true.If you allow God’s love to flow through your words being sensitive and caring towards others regardless of the situation,you’ll get a reputation of being a person that others will want to know. Praise God today that He’s given us the ability of speech,and as we allow His wisdom to always be on our lips,we’ll live a life of peace and favour.

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