A hard worker has plenty of food, but a person who chases fantasies has no sense. Prov 12:11. There are no shortcuts in life. As you choose to work hard with Godly wisdom, God will make a way in whatever you’re doing. As you allow the love of God to flow through you into every situation you’ll see God’s favour with man, and promotion will follow. Don’t chase worthless schemes that can yield heart ache and poverty. Don’t look at others with envy, what you don’t see are the thousands of hours of practice, study or overtime they may have put in to take them to where they are now. Often your gifts will make a way if you follow what God puts on your heart. He’s given all of us seeds of greatness to do well in whatever we do. As we water those seeds,His favour will follow. Praise God today that as we choose to do our best in whatever we’re doing, and trust God, His favour will always be with us.

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