Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed. Prov 16:3. A new year, a new beginning a chance to make a difference and to draw nearer to God like never before. You can’t run from the future or hide in the past, but must walk in the present, one step at a time. You must respect the future and not treat it as a lottery just hoping for the big win. The decisions you do or don’t make today will affect your tomorrow. Don’t fail to plan and plan to fail. Instead of making New Year resolutions make key decisions. Set goals and steps to get there and write them down. Commit them to God daily and find Words to support your vision and stand on them. Most people give up on resolutions in the first month but you should plan to review your steps regularly and never give up until you succeed. Praise God today for a new year of fresh beginnings, new hope and greater things in God for your life this year.

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