He has told us about the love for others that the Holy Spirit has given you. Col1:8. Jesus always had time for others who needed Him. This was His heart to show others God’s love in a hurting world. When we invite Jesus into our heart He starts a transformation in our own life so that we start to see things as He sees them,and to give us His heart for others. You are His hands,His feet,His eyes and His voice to a hurting world. There will be times when He will prompt you to be the blessing in someone’s life. God works through people to reach out and touch others, and at this time He has chosen you. He is not asking for your ability but availability. As you respond to God’s direction, your life will be blessed as you bless others. People will see God’s love working though you that will also bless God. Praise God today He’s given us His heart for others so we can be a blessing as He directs.

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