But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.1Cor 2:16b. When we first accepted Jesus into our heart, the old things in our life that kept us bound were broken off us, and we became alive to the things of God. We were given the mind of Christ to understand His glorious grace and favour for our life. In this way the power of old sins and past offences against us was taken away. We must take captive every thought that sets us up against God and wants to drag us back into past pains before we met Jesus. You have been renewed by the Word of God. The past has no bearing on who you are today. If you think too much about the past you can’t focus on the present and there’s no future in that. Let go and let God. Look to God and not your past and He will help you break off wrong mindsets. Thank Jesus today that in Him we have freedom and liberty so that the past no longer has a hold over our life.

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